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New Five Star Book Review on Readers’ Favorite

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Thank you to Chris Fischer, from Readers’ Favorite, for his Five Star review of To the Gallows.

“An African-American cowboy and U.S. Marshal in Indian territory, Cole Winter accepts a commission to bring in Joseph Two Guns, his own brother. So begins the story in To the Gallows by author G.S. Luckett. Cole knows that Joseph is not guilty of the crime he is accused of, and the only way he knows he can protect the gunslinger is to bring Joseph in himself. When he saves Joseph from a mob of vigilantes, he also rescues Jessie, a woman also wrongly accused. A short book that’s full of action from start to finish, To the Gallows is a true Western adventure in the style of some of the old Western masters, and one that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.

I truly enjoyed reading G.S. Luckett’s new book. I am a huge fan of Westerns, and enjoyed how this book strongly delved into the history of issues of race in the Old West. Luckett’s writing style is fast paced, exciting and keeps you turning the pages from the start. To the Gallows would appeal to any reader who enjoys a great Western, any lover of fiction or historical fiction, and anyone looking to enjoy a quick but excellent read. I have not read any of G.S. Luckett’s work before, and I understand that this is his first work in the Western genre, although he has written other highly action focused books. I look forward to reading those, and also to seeing what this promising author has for us in the future.”

I am now on LibraryThing!

I am now at LibraryThing. Come by and take a look at the site. Maybe find a book to review.

Interesting new E-reader tech in the new Mission Impossible.

At about  1:40 on the trailer.

Check out the article on iDigitalTimes.



Wednesday Wisdom


Action Box Set in UK!

The Action Box Set just made #73 in action short story collection at Amazon UK!


Friday Reads. Box sets!






That’s right! Bundled for savings. New Dark Fantasy/Horror Box Set or Action Box Set available.


Thank you Misty Iputi!

Thank you to Misty Iputi for her Five Star review of To the Gallows.