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I am now on LibraryThing!

I am now at LibraryThing. Come by and take a look at the site. Maybe find a book to review.


Interesting new E-reader tech in the new Mission Impossible.

At about  1:40 on the trailer.

Check out the article on iDigitalTimes.



To the Gallows press release from Finland.

Thank you to Seregil of Rhiminee, for his press release about To the Gallows on Risingshadow.

Guess what is back on tonight?


Life is the workout that makes your soul stronger.

The anti-hero or the evil that became a hero?

Friend or foe? 

I have always thought that Riddick was a great example of an anti-hero, but this article, Why Riddick Wasn’t the Hero of Pitch Black, caused me to see how Riddick is also an example of a hidden hero.  Wondered what anyone’s thoughts were on this or possibly some other examples of hidden heroes in stories. 



The Guardians of Peace trying to control First Amendment?

The Interview. Where will Sony’s hack end?

If you have not heard, Sony’s release of The Interview, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco in a story about the assassination of Kim Jong Un, has been cancelled with no further plans for release. This was done because of threats of violence from the GOP, Guardians of Peace. The F.B.I. believes this group has ties to North Korea.

Since the movie was pulled there have been further demands that all of the evidence that the film ever existed be erased, except the memories of all of us that have seen the promos and posters I suppose. But then it seems that they may have a better idea, as recent communications between Sony and the GOP show that now the film can be released with serious edits.

I don’t know about everyone else but I feel that this cyber-warfare is more like cyber-blackmail. If the GOP is allowed to get these demands met they are taking away the right of the First Amendment.  Any thoughts?