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Motivational Mark…Twain.


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Happy Valentines!

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Happy Friday the 13th.

Friday 13th before Valentine’s? SALE!


A brief note on the origin of Friday the 13th. It was made by a guy in a hockey mask.(Sorry, Jason fans) It is actually the day that the Knights Templar were ordered to be arrested and executed by King Philip IV.

It’s also interesting that Valentine’s Day has a possible origin in an ancient Roman Pagan fertility rite known as the Lupercalia.(Sounds like a party.)

So in celebration till the end of February I will have two horror books on sale, 30% at Smashwords. Enter codes below. All fomats available.

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Valentine’s Day is coming.


If you feel this, hold on with all you have.

Those lucky enough to have this know real love does not judge, does not lie, and does not hold back. You will not see the sacrifices or regret what you have not done. You will see something most will never have. You will be compelled by your heart to make each other a better person and conquer the obstacles that life puts before both of you.

Love, as with success, takes hard work but anything with great rewards should.  By this, you learn to appreciate the partner in your life.