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The anti-hero or the evil that became a hero?

Friend or foe? 

I have always thought that Riddick was a great example of an anti-hero, but this article, Why Riddick Wasn’t the Hero of Pitch Black, caused me to see how Riddick is also an example of a hidden hero.  Wondered what anyone’s thoughts were on this or possibly some other examples of hidden heroes in stories. 




Churchill Quotes


Mark Twain Throwback Quotes





Love this.

Martin Luther King Jr. Words

Words of wisdom from a great man.

Change has to start somewhere.

Steven Daniels’ 5* Book Review for Gates.


I would like to thank Steven Daniels for his book review of Gates posted to his blog.

To see the 5 Star review, along with books written by Steven Daniels, go to Steven Daniels.

Be loyal to supporters.

True allies in your life are worth their weight in gold.

The older I get the more I find this to be true. I believe as you discover yourself, you discover those that are your true supporters and worth your support.


Waiting until February sucks!

Fight the Odds.


Guess I’ll just practice with my crossbow.;)