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Black Friday E-books and Print!

A dark day.

E-books at $1.99, in multiple e-formats

$6.00 for print formats!




Happy Thanksgiving!

Walking Bird

Have a great holiday weekend.

Terror Tuesday Review

Exciting eBook + coffee = 🙂

On the lookout for those that may want to review free eBook novellas over Thanksgiving. These novellas are in the Action/Horror/Dark Fantasy genre.

alpha_hunter_cover_100x150Gates Thumb

Alpha Hunter and Gates.

If interested, contact for information on your free copies.

Motivational Mondays

Books Featured on Behind the novel.


Thank you to Alice Dee for featuring my novels on her blog, Behind the novel.

Motivational Monday

Instant story. Just assemble words in a compelling way.


It’s all perspective.

Everyone’s dragon is different.


No matter if you are writing a novel, getting fit, or slaying a dragon; the wrong mindset will defeat you before the challenge.

Meet The Reaper.

“I can wait.”


A hero is born from nightmares.

When your time comes, up or down, The Reaper will show you the way…it’s up to you how you get there.  #MeetTheReaper.

Fun, Quick Series Opener – Hack Dandy

“The Brit, a death row inmate, escapes his electric-chair execution thanks to a major thunderstorm that knocks out the power at his island-prison. The Pastor, a quasi-friend on the inside, helps him out of the chair and they seem to be the only prisoners around. The Brit has a plan to escape, which is hindered as he faces off against prisoners and inmates that are hell-bent on capturing him by the commands of the Courier.

This was a fun read and reminded me of The Rock (1996), in that I envisioned Alcatraz and Sean Connery. But no, there are no missiles or scientists-turned-hero. There is one specific scene that ends the action-packed and brutal man-against-the-odds thriller, and flips the switch on a paranormal sci-fi tale. Don’t worry; there is still brutal action throughout.

To tell more would risk entry into the spoiler-zone. This is the first I’ve heard of G.S. Luckett. The writing and editing are quite good and the story flows well from scene to scene. The book has a conclusion (as it should) and can stand alone as a full story.

Five Star Review from Readers’ Favorite – Dinorah Blackman

“If you love suspense, you’re definitely going to love Gates by G.S. Luckett….G.S. Luckett is an extremely creative writer. In this book, he turns a prison into a haunted house where many macabre secrets are hidden. Gates presents an exciting but unusual plot played out by very interesting characters who are thrown together in a desperate attempt to escape a tragedy….If you’ve ever wondered about evil and spiritual forces, you’ll enjoy this book.”

Fantastic Read! – mizztara71

“I read this story in one sitting. The action is non-stop. The scenes are very detailed and vivid. The characters are very well fleshed out. The author did a wonderful job of humanizing “The Brit” and telling his back story. I can see why he was chosen as a Reaper. I would recommend Gates and look forward to reading the next book in the series.”