Self-Published Saturdays

So I am going to see if I can get something going for Indie-Authors on Saturdays.  I will have this every Saturday with books that I would choose to read.  I am going to keep them in the genres I write and understand that I do not endorse or review the books posted. I may in the future but now with writing, college and being a work-at-home parent, I have no time to review.  I am just providing a platform to get books into the public eye and I am not getting any compensation from the authors.  Just paying it forward.   I will start with the AMC Buzz team which I am a member of.  If other groups or authors are interested in getting posted contact at gsluckettauthor(at)gmail(dot)com or contact on Twitter.

The Falcon’s Eye

“Strong, intense, incredible!” THE FALCON’S EYE – A 5* epic #fantasy by S. Nathan #IARTG #amcbuzz Grab it here: Amazon




The Paranormal 13

#FREE – The Paranormal 13 – Just in time for #Halloween – full length novel box set: Amazon #boxset #amcbuzz



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