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Happy Halloween!

Have a fun and safe Halloween.

Want some candy?


Zombie Cabins are here before Halloween!

Check out this Zombie Cabin, equipped with everything needed to outlast the undead.

Floor plan.


Better than a prison fence.

Should have planned ahead.


Terror Tuesday

Infection started with the rain.

When the infection rained down…

The dead replace the living.

…the dead rose and the cities fell.

The Outsiders marked where he’d been.

Their worst fear becomes their only hope.

Mortem. An upcoming Zombie/Superhero/Dystopian Novel by G.S. Luckett





Motivational Mondays

Can also be balled up and thrown against then wall.

Keep writing.  You’ll be farther today than you were yesterday, if you just put pen to paper or keystrokes to screen.

Self-Published Saturdays

So I am going to see if I can get something going for Indie-Authors on Saturdays.  I will have this every Saturday with books that I would choose to read.  I am going to keep them in the genres I write and understand that I do not endorse or review the books posted. I may in the future but now with writing, college and being a work-at-home parent, I have no time to review.  I am just providing a platform to get books into the public eye and I am not getting any compensation from the authors.  Just paying it forward.   I will start with the AMC Buzz team which I am a member of.  If other groups or authors are interested in getting posted contact at gsluckettauthor(at)gmail(dot)com or contact on Twitter.

The Falcon’s Eye

“Strong, intense, incredible!” THE FALCON’S EYE – A 5* epic #fantasy by S. Nathan #IARTG #amcbuzz Grab it here: Amazon




The Paranormal 13

#FREE – The Paranormal 13 – Just in time for #Halloween – full length novel box set: Amazon #boxset #amcbuzz


.99 sale posted on World Literary Cafe & AMC Blog sale page.


Gates and  Alpha Hunter on sale for .99 cents.

AMC .99 cent Discounts

World Literary Café



Start the week off writing.

Don’t let the externals in your life slow you down.